Master Resellers (tab)

Master Reseller Hosting for Small Business and Villages in Melanesia

Master Reseller hosting or also known as WHM RESELLER kind of similar to reseller hosting. It allows you to create Reseller Accounts + cPanel Accounts too, so you will be able to create reseller accounts to sell to customers, it’s like having a dedicated server but without the management and costs.
You will be able to login to your WHMAMP panel and create and manage your WHM accounts within seconds after you purchase our service.

We designed three Melanesia-Specific Master Resellers:

  1. Room Master Reseller, specifically for individual WANTOKS, to sell reseller hosting packages to customers
  2. Haus Master Reseller, particularly for villages or islands 
  3. Ples Master Reseller for groups of businesses or web hosting company to grow your business.

Master Reseller Hosting allows you to sell Reseller accounts and cPanel accounts (Hosting). With our Master Reseller Hosting plans you can create your own multilevel reseller network easily as possible. 

ROOM Master

ROOM Master Reseller is the smallest package of Master Reseller, suitable for individual WANTOK.

HAUS Master

HOUSE Master Reseller is more suitable for families. It can host

PLES Master

PLES Master Reseller is suitable for big companies or tribe or village or island to own and run Web Hosting business.